Monday, October 26, 2009

YETI Coolers.

Simple words cannot describe how in the world one can justify spending $400 on a cooler. Your wife and friends will think that you have lost your friggin' marbles for spending so freely on something so, well, worthless. But it will be you who has the last laugh. YETI coolers keep your cold stuff almost cold 5x as long as the "5-day" cooler sold by brand X. What happens to a regular 'ole cooler when it rolls out of the back of your truck doing 60 MPH? The question is , what's left? Drop a YETI out the back doing 60 and it'll get scratched, that's about it. Bear proof and almost bomb proof a YETI will be the last cooler you ever buy. Be a big boy and pony up the dough for a real mans cooler. YETI COOLERS