Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cue up this MP3 player

Hey, i'm just like the next guy who loves Apple's iPod but once in a while, something really cool comes along. Check out the MobiBlu Cube. About the size of cue chalk, this little dude packs 1 GB of flash memory, FM Radio, supports all kinds of media, and, get this, comes with a Full Color Screen. All for $99. That's a deal. The only place you will find these at Apple is in the R&D department. Best to look for them here: MobiBlu Cube

Friday, January 26, 2007

Astronomy 101

For the budding astronomer in you or just for the person who looks up at the stars and quietly ponders to themselves "What the heck am I looking at", this device is for you. This little gem will identify a star, guide you to a constellation and will even tell you, literally, what you are looking at. No worries about programming your location, the internal GPS provides for automatic location configuration. Just turn it on and enjoy the night sky. SkyScout

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jump Yourself!

All - for the mechanically challenged significant other in your life, put this in their vehicle and never again worry about a distressed call from an abandoned parking lot in the middle of B.F.E. because they need someone to help them jump start their car. That someone being you. This little gadget can be a real life saver. For eveyone. Jump-N-Carry

Monday, January 22, 2007

Send a letter, not an e-mail

Make a statement with one of the finest writing utensils available. Of course, you'd really be making a statement if you had the car that inspired the design of this pen. Tibaldi, Italy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A cat burglar's best friend.

This handy dandy little piece of hardware packs a long reach but requires very little space for storage in your already overstuffed garage. Carries well in a trunk or even pack it for a trip. You never know when you will need a 12' extension ladder. Xtend & Climb Ladder

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A 'must have' endless summer gimme cap.

These hula'riffic caps from Maui Jim are just the thing you need this summer. Available in three colors. What makes 'em so cool? The 'grass' skirt on the Hula Girl is made of string and blows in the warm summer breeze. A conversation starter for sure. Mahalo brudder, Maui Jim

The Noble M400

Very rarely does a new vehicle come along that will simply astound you. Meet, the Noble M400. Designed and manufactured in Great Britian, this vehicle boasts a top speed of 185 mph, sprints to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, weighs a scant 2,337 lbs. on the curb and yes, you can even get it with air conditioning. If you have a buddy out there with a Porsche Turbo, Lambo Murcielago, or even a BMW M6, let him wallow in the wake of your exhaust as you outperform his every attempt to pass you. You can even spring for lunch since this vehicle will run you only about $70K, leaving at least $30K in tha bank for more toys. Noble Racing

Cool Vintage Watches

If you are looking for something truly unique, don't underestimate the statement that a classic watch can make on your wrist. Many of these timeless designs still hold their own against their newer counterparts. I even own the watch that you see in the image to your left. Fun to wear. Cool Vintage Watches

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tailgating Done RIGHT!

Park your butt on one of these for your next tailgate outing at Memorial Stadium or Kyle Field or wherever, you get the picture. The ultimate lazyman's tailgating machine. Scooter Cooler

Cool cruisers, buuuuhdy!

When you land on the webpage, go to BIKE’s > CRUISERS > STRAIGHT EIGHT in the men’s section. Rat Fink's personal chariot. Ed Roth would've owned one of these for sure. Don’t forget the kiddos bikes as well! My daughter love's her 'Betty'. ELECTRA BIKES

Bags for all of your gear.

The best computer and electronic gear bags EVER! Anything from Gary Waterfield's company offerings is incredible. I have had many 0f his bags and can attest, first hand, that they are some of the most well thought out and overly engineered, functional, unique, cool looking bags out there. Bomb proof and stylish. How can you go wrong with one of these? SFBAGS.COM

Digital Photo Frame

We all suffer from a hard drive chock full of our favorite memories forever immortalized on a magnetic platter with no way to share our memories without running them as a slide show. What a pain, until now. This Digital Photo Frame by Philips is one of the largest on the market and is SO easy to use. One really neat feature is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can pass it around for a little portable show and tell. Buy one today. Sharper Image.

A recommendation. The onboard memeory is pretty useless. Buy AT LEAST a 512 MB chip (Compact Flash) to add to your frame. I like to purchase all of my memory products from Crucial Technology.

A real cell phone booster.

Cell Phone Booster – one of the best on the market. Will boost your signal to a full 3 Watts, like the old BAG phones and the phone that rings to current ONSTAR subscribers. Check the specs. There is a HOME version as well. Cell Phone Booster.

Make sure to check out these DETAILED directions. This company supports their product and has fully tested it.

Ultimate In-Ear Phone's

INCREDIBLE in-ear head phones by Etymotic Research. Used by studio producers, musicians and audiophiles the world over. Now available in a handy FedEx box addressed to you. Seriously worth the money. Etymotic Research.

If the above headphones just aren't rich enough for your blood and that stack of Franklin's is just getting to darn heavy to lug around, try out a set of these headphones from SHURE. That's right. They cost more than your iPod.
* recommended by one of my readers

The Best in Car Care!

The best leather conditioner on the planet. Not to mention, car care products as well. Griot's Garage.

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

On the top of the list, for the gadget guy who thinks he has it all, this laser projected keyboard will wow anyone who sees it in use. Quite simply, it projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surface that will allow the user to make normal keyboard entries, wirelessly (via bluetooth) to their phone, pda, computer, etc... Just click here for more info than you would ever care to read and to order.