Monday, December 31, 2007

Now that's some good wood!

The warmth of wood now for your iPhone! This was sent in by my little brother (thanks Andy!) and I immediately ordered one up for my iPhone. I can't wait to see how these two completely different materials (phone and case) go together. Get a little wood today! MINIOT

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smooth Ride, Endless Gears

The fine folks and genius engineers at Ellsworth Bikes have really done it this time. This bike has what is called a Constantly Variable Planetary Transmission. Do what? Let me 'splain it to you. This precisely engineered machine has one giant adjustable gear. Just twist the grip to the pedal power of your choice. That's cool. Really, really cool. While this cruiser is a bit pricey, you will definitely ride in style and comfort. ELLSWORTHBIKES

iPod Sound done right

Treat your eyes, but more importantly, your ears to the latest and greatest iPod accessory from the fine folks with bad teeth at Bowers & Wilkinson. These Brits definitely have done it right catering to the discerning ear of an audiophile junky to the modernist in all of us. Won't this just look great on that empty living room credenza? It even comes with a slick little remote for the lazy bum in all of us. Cheers! APPLESTORE

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is that terrible beeping coming from???

I'm not sure I should share this with the world but the fine folks at ThinkGeek have done it again. This little magnetic torture device hides out of sight and emits a single beep, randomly, every 2 - 8 minutes. Where you put it and who you want to drive insane is up to you. THINK GEEK

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tough as Nails Luggage

Hand Crafted in Billings, Montana by retired military parachuters and riggers, you can't find tougher luggage than what the fine folks at RedOxx are turning out. Hard as nails materials that are near bullet proof not to mention zippers that DON'T jam make these bags a pure pleasure to travel with. These guys stand behind their product with an iron-clad lifetime guarantee. Check them out today at RedOxx

They ARE watching you!

O.K. you worrying little conspiracy theorists out there. You were right, someone IS indeed watching you. Your every move. Nothing you do on your computer is safe anymore. That is, without this little device. Tiring of the local office sticky finger snitch having a look at your personal data and email? Tired of deleting your History cache from your browser for fear of being ousted for using company time to shop! Check out this little device. It's good enough for Uncle Sam and the Armed Forces so guess what? It's more than good enough for you and me. THINKGEEK!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wireless Photos

Here's a neat little toy that was sent in by a GearNut reader. Once you set this little dude up, it will upload your latest digital adventure to the photo website of your choice (there are plenty out there to choose from). No more hooking up your camera to your computer and managing images old school. Just let them ride the wireless wave. EYEFI

Wanna know where they are?

OK worried mom's, parents, and wives. If you lose sleep over the where-about's of your man (or adventurous loved one) when they are on an expidition, worry no more. This handy little device will upload to GoogleMaps their EXACT position every 10 minutes and allow the user to send an "I'm OK" signal to your email or cell-phone at any time. Whether out at sea or on a hike in the Grand Canyon, you will know that they are safe and sound. But wait, there's more! Yes, more. The carrier of SPOT can also ring up the local search and rescue department should the get themselves into a bit of a scrape. Get one today and rest easy tonight! FindMeSpot

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Perpetual DAYZED Calendar!

This is what one would call a perpetual calendar. Meaning that, it cannot ever be dated by year! It's good for, well, ever. Go check these out and buy one from my good buddy H.Michael Karshis. They are only $25 and can be found here DAYZED CALENDAR

Friday, June 22, 2007


Great as an office cup or just to go with your mornings 6-Pack of glazed donuts. Who wouldn't want a Homer Simpson coffee mug? Simple, cheap, fun, great for any occasion. Buy all you need, or want, here: HOMER SIMPSON MUG

Friday, June 8, 2007

Latest Summer Torture Device

I don't even know what to write about this thing. I looks fun. It looks scary. It looks like it will rattle your brains out. I'm in! I plan on buying one of these things and test driving it in early August when on holiday on Lake Erie. I'll let you guys know more then. If you can't wait for my review, buy one today, as always on my blog, by visiting SKIDISCOUNTERS

Monday, May 21, 2007

A little color is all good.

Who wants the same old laptop as the next guy? Not this Guy! Now you have a choice. The fine folks at ColorWare have been sprucing up the beige colored box since 2000. Send in your current machine or pick your color on a new one. I can't wait till mine gets here. COLORWARE

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Family Fun & Entertainment

This is one of those gifts that you give to the entire family. A little on the pricey side but let me be the first to tell you, pinball is the bees knees. Looking for something fun to do with the whole family? Gather 'round a pinball machine and enjoy the game and each other's company for hours! Kids & parents alike will find themselves playing pinball for hours on end. Get off your bucket and away from the boob tube. PerfectAmusements

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Personal Hygeine

This sent in by my brother-in-law who has some, well, very unique gift ideas. This gift idea in particular, all men will, or should, appreciate. I think I will get one just so I can shove this thing up my nose while driving down the road or stopped at a red light. I can't wait to see the looks on peoples faces as they ogle me in disgust. Since it's not REALLY my finger, am I actually picking my nose? Who cares, it's fun. NOSE TRIMMER

Monday, April 9, 2007

Jabber Jaw

Just picked up one of these little dudes yesterday and can say that they are worth the hype. In a nutshell, it's a noise cancelling device. For audio OUT. That's right. You can carry on a conversation, an intelligble one, in the presence of a leaf blower, on a train or in your car. With the windows down. Don't ask me how it works, it's too Star Trek even for me but it does. You have to see the demo videos to believe it. JAWBONE

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Move to Digital

Here is a neat little device. It answers the question of "How can I convert my old movies, cassettes, 8-tracks, reel-to-reel, vinyl and other 'old school' forms of media to a digital format"? Anything that uses traditional RCA connections for audio and video out hook up to this neat little device. It will automatically convert your files to audio or digital video straight to your iPod. Or, you can plug in a USB Drive and convert your files there. Either way, it's easy to use and completely up to you. One-Touch Any-Media

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Caveman Memory

No doubt that the Geico Caveman has one of these in his laptop case. Carved from 100% real wood, these USB drives are guaranteed ice-breakers at your next corporate (yawn) retreat. If you have to use sneakernet to transfer files, might as well get in touch with your caveman self and do it old school. USB DRIVES.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tervis Tumblers!

You may remember these wonderful items from your childhood days. Maybe not. Either way, don't forget about this classic American invention. The insulated glass! Keeps your coffee hot and your ice tea nice and cool. Available with many different patch inset designs or, create your own and have the fine folks at Tervis make you some custom glass ware! Made of high-impact plastic so they are extra durable. A hint though: Don't wash them in the diswasher! They haze. Enjoy a classic today. TERVIS

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Flashlight's, simplified.

OK, this one is a slam dunk. I'll make it really easy for you all. You will never realize you need a flashlight, until you need one. Then what? GO buy that crumby piece of plastic from the local nickel snatcher? The Size "D", low light output battery eater? Heck no. Buy one flashlight once and for all. The best there are, Streamlight. Law enforcement, government and fire all use Streamlight. Why? Because they are bright, durable, last forever and, most importantly, work! STREAMLIGHT

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Night Time Saucer Action.

Don't let nighttime ruin the back yard action for great summer fun! These illuminated discs are 185 grams for that perfect tournament weight feel and fly great. But what is really neat is seeing them fly at night. Illuminated with a colored LED and fiber optics emanating from the center, they truly look like UFO's (whatever that looks like) while in flight. Great fun for the whole gang. And they make EXCELLENT birthday presents for kiddo's who already "have it all". FLASHFLIGHT.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shocking Fun!

Bought these for Christmas this year and can tell you, they are an instant classic. The concept: you chase your opponet around with a remote controlled tank and shoot him. 6 hits and you win! Now, here's the kicker. Everytime you take a hit, you get shocked. And i'm not talking some "fake" vibration shock. You get the crap shocked out of you! And if you are truly brave, put it on HIGH shock. You're arm will tingle for a half hour after the game. Of course, if you are devious like me, you'll just sell the game as something fun to play on your unwary victim. Watch their face when they get "hit". Worth every penny. SHOCKING TANKS.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Luke, I am your father!

Lasers like this only exist in the movies. Right? Well, not anymore. The new generation of 532 nm lasers (green) are nothing new. But ones so powerful that you can burst a balloon, on the other side of the room, as well as light a cigar with, are all the rage. Let your buddy show off his puny little 5mw laser then fire this dude up (through a series of safeties) and you will own him. Light up the night sky with this laser or power it up during the day! Of course, you'll have to take a second mortgage on your own home to own one but you'll have one pimpin' laser that even Darth Vader would have even been proud to own. HERCULES! Popping Balloons HERE.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Get up lazy bones!

This could be about the most devious alarm clock that one would ever ask for. But if you are consistently late to work because you have slept through too many 9 minute snooze cycles, try the alarm clock that runs and hides. Annoying. Yes. But you'll get your lazy bucket out of bed to silence him. For sure. CLOCKY Submitted by my good buddy over at

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

MoGo Mouse

You know that little slot on the side of your laptop that your kiddos keep putting things into? Ever wonder exactly what it is for? Well, now you can find out. Make that PCMCIA slot do something useful! It will hold this little gem of a mouse in it's bay, always insuring that you have a constant charge and when you are ready to use it, eject the mouse and it's connected via Blue Tooth technology. Cool! Get one today.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Peace and Quiet

These will probably not be someting new to you all, but I wanted to make this post regardless. The Bose Quiet Comfort series of noise cancelling headphones make getting work done in silence while enjoying pure audio bliss a simple reality. Try a pair of these at work and you wil simply be amazed at how much background noise is eliminated. Comfortable to wear with a long battery life, the audio reproduction will simply amaze you when listening to your music. Not cheap but well worth the investment. BOSE Quiet Comfort

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cue up this MP3 player

Hey, i'm just like the next guy who loves Apple's iPod but once in a while, something really cool comes along. Check out the MobiBlu Cube. About the size of cue chalk, this little dude packs 1 GB of flash memory, FM Radio, supports all kinds of media, and, get this, comes with a Full Color Screen. All for $99. That's a deal. The only place you will find these at Apple is in the R&D department. Best to look for them here: MobiBlu Cube

Friday, January 26, 2007

Astronomy 101

For the budding astronomer in you or just for the person who looks up at the stars and quietly ponders to themselves "What the heck am I looking at", this device is for you. This little gem will identify a star, guide you to a constellation and will even tell you, literally, what you are looking at. No worries about programming your location, the internal GPS provides for automatic location configuration. Just turn it on and enjoy the night sky. SkyScout

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jump Yourself!

All - for the mechanically challenged significant other in your life, put this in their vehicle and never again worry about a distressed call from an abandoned parking lot in the middle of B.F.E. because they need someone to help them jump start their car. That someone being you. This little gadget can be a real life saver. For eveyone. Jump-N-Carry

Monday, January 22, 2007

Send a letter, not an e-mail

Make a statement with one of the finest writing utensils available. Of course, you'd really be making a statement if you had the car that inspired the design of this pen. Tibaldi, Italy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A cat burglar's best friend.

This handy dandy little piece of hardware packs a long reach but requires very little space for storage in your already overstuffed garage. Carries well in a trunk or even pack it for a trip. You never know when you will need a 12' extension ladder. Xtend & Climb Ladder

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A 'must have' endless summer gimme cap.

These hula'riffic caps from Maui Jim are just the thing you need this summer. Available in three colors. What makes 'em so cool? The 'grass' skirt on the Hula Girl is made of string and blows in the warm summer breeze. A conversation starter for sure. Mahalo brudder, Maui Jim

The Noble M400

Very rarely does a new vehicle come along that will simply astound you. Meet, the Noble M400. Designed and manufactured in Great Britian, this vehicle boasts a top speed of 185 mph, sprints to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, weighs a scant 2,337 lbs. on the curb and yes, you can even get it with air conditioning. If you have a buddy out there with a Porsche Turbo, Lambo Murcielago, or even a BMW M6, let him wallow in the wake of your exhaust as you outperform his every attempt to pass you. You can even spring for lunch since this vehicle will run you only about $70K, leaving at least $30K in tha bank for more toys. Noble Racing

Cool Vintage Watches

If you are looking for something truly unique, don't underestimate the statement that a classic watch can make on your wrist. Many of these timeless designs still hold their own against their newer counterparts. I even own the watch that you see in the image to your left. Fun to wear. Cool Vintage Watches

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tailgating Done RIGHT!

Park your butt on one of these for your next tailgate outing at Memorial Stadium or Kyle Field or wherever, you get the picture. The ultimate lazyman's tailgating machine. Scooter Cooler

Cool cruisers, buuuuhdy!

When you land on the webpage, go to BIKE’s > CRUISERS > STRAIGHT EIGHT in the men’s section. Rat Fink's personal chariot. Ed Roth would've owned one of these for sure. Don’t forget the kiddos bikes as well! My daughter love's her 'Betty'. ELECTRA BIKES

Bags for all of your gear.

The best computer and electronic gear bags EVER! Anything from Gary Waterfield's company offerings is incredible. I have had many 0f his bags and can attest, first hand, that they are some of the most well thought out and overly engineered, functional, unique, cool looking bags out there. Bomb proof and stylish. How can you go wrong with one of these? SFBAGS.COM

Digital Photo Frame

We all suffer from a hard drive chock full of our favorite memories forever immortalized on a magnetic platter with no way to share our memories without running them as a slide show. What a pain, until now. This Digital Photo Frame by Philips is one of the largest on the market and is SO easy to use. One really neat feature is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can pass it around for a little portable show and tell. Buy one today. Sharper Image.

A recommendation. The onboard memeory is pretty useless. Buy AT LEAST a 512 MB chip (Compact Flash) to add to your frame. I like to purchase all of my memory products from Crucial Technology.

A real cell phone booster.

Cell Phone Booster – one of the best on the market. Will boost your signal to a full 3 Watts, like the old BAG phones and the phone that rings to current ONSTAR subscribers. Check the specs. There is a HOME version as well. Cell Phone Booster.

Make sure to check out these DETAILED directions. This company supports their product and has fully tested it.

Ultimate In-Ear Phone's

INCREDIBLE in-ear head phones by Etymotic Research. Used by studio producers, musicians and audiophiles the world over. Now available in a handy FedEx box addressed to you. Seriously worth the money. Etymotic Research.

If the above headphones just aren't rich enough for your blood and that stack of Franklin's is just getting to darn heavy to lug around, try out a set of these headphones from SHURE. That's right. They cost more than your iPod.
* recommended by one of my readers

The Best in Car Care!

The best leather conditioner on the planet. Not to mention, car care products as well. Griot's Garage.

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

On the top of the list, for the gadget guy who thinks he has it all, this laser projected keyboard will wow anyone who sees it in use. Quite simply, it projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surface that will allow the user to make normal keyboard entries, wirelessly (via bluetooth) to their phone, pda, computer, etc... Just click here for more info than you would ever care to read and to order.