Monday, December 15, 2008

Fantastic affordable portable HD Video

These little FLIP Video recorders have been popular for quite some time now. They are small, weigh next to nothing, plug and play USB technology and are relatively inexpensive. Now, from the makers of the original FLIP VIDEO comes FLIP HD. Cool! Great battery life, 60 minutes of video recording and you can even "snap" still photos from your video. FLIPVIDEO

The BEST Laptop Bag out there

I have been a fan of Gary Waterfield bags for YEARS and have owned several. I would own more but I just cannot seem to destroy these things. They are bullet proof and do a GREAT job of keeping your gear in place. I personally have been using the Cargo Mambo for over 5 years now and it still looks and functions just as well as it did the day it arrived. Their customer service is A+ and the bags are made in the USA. Get one today SFBAGS.COM