Monday, December 31, 2007

Now that's some good wood!

The warmth of wood now for your iPhone! This was sent in by my little brother (thanks Andy!) and I immediately ordered one up for my iPhone. I can't wait to see how these two completely different materials (phone and case) go together. Get a little wood today! MINIOT

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smooth Ride, Endless Gears

The fine folks and genius engineers at Ellsworth Bikes have really done it this time. This bike has what is called a Constantly Variable Planetary Transmission. Do what? Let me 'splain it to you. This precisely engineered machine has one giant adjustable gear. Just twist the grip to the pedal power of your choice. That's cool. Really, really cool. While this cruiser is a bit pricey, you will definitely ride in style and comfort. ELLSWORTHBIKES

iPod Sound done right

Treat your eyes, but more importantly, your ears to the latest and greatest iPod accessory from the fine folks with bad teeth at Bowers & Wilkinson. These Brits definitely have done it right catering to the discerning ear of an audiophile junky to the modernist in all of us. Won't this just look great on that empty living room credenza? It even comes with a slick little remote for the lazy bum in all of us. Cheers! APPLESTORE

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is that terrible beeping coming from???

I'm not sure I should share this with the world but the fine folks at ThinkGeek have done it again. This little magnetic torture device hides out of sight and emits a single beep, randomly, every 2 - 8 minutes. Where you put it and who you want to drive insane is up to you. THINK GEEK

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tough as Nails Luggage

Hand Crafted in Billings, Montana by retired military parachuters and riggers, you can't find tougher luggage than what the fine folks at RedOxx are turning out. Hard as nails materials that are near bullet proof not to mention zippers that DON'T jam make these bags a pure pleasure to travel with. These guys stand behind their product with an iron-clad lifetime guarantee. Check them out today at RedOxx

They ARE watching you!

O.K. you worrying little conspiracy theorists out there. You were right, someone IS indeed watching you. Your every move. Nothing you do on your computer is safe anymore. That is, without this little device. Tiring of the local office sticky finger snitch having a look at your personal data and email? Tired of deleting your History cache from your browser for fear of being ousted for using company time to shop! Check out this little device. It's good enough for Uncle Sam and the Armed Forces so guess what? It's more than good enough for you and me. THINKGEEK!