Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wireless Photos

Here's a neat little toy that was sent in by a GearNut reader. Once you set this little dude up, it will upload your latest digital adventure to the photo website of your choice (there are plenty out there to choose from). No more hooking up your camera to your computer and managing images old school. Just let them ride the wireless wave. EYEFI

Wanna know where they are?

OK worried mom's, parents, and wives. If you lose sleep over the where-about's of your man (or adventurous loved one) when they are on an expidition, worry no more. This handy little device will upload to GoogleMaps their EXACT position every 10 minutes and allow the user to send an "I'm OK" signal to your email or cell-phone at any time. Whether out at sea or on a hike in the Grand Canyon, you will know that they are safe and sound. But wait, there's more! Yes, more. The carrier of SPOT can also ring up the local search and rescue department should the get themselves into a bit of a scrape. Get one today and rest easy tonight! FindMeSpot